The Artists’ Committee is an informal association of sculptors, filmmakers, curators, writers, theatre makers, painters and designers, that makes collaborative public work around the intersection of money, ethics and culture.

We acknowledge that we meet and work on unceded land of the Kulin Nations and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

In 2017 the Artists’ Committee commenced a project that examines and highlights the National Gallery of Victoria’s connection with the immigration detention industry through its contract with Wilson Security. This project aims to end NGV’s commercial partnership with Wilson Security—a company known to have committed human rights abuses against asylum seekers and refugees—through a series of unsanctioned performative interventions.

All members of the Artists' Committee are signatories to the letter delivered to the Director, Tony Ellwood on August 11 2017. However, not all signatories are members of the Artists’ Committee.


We have chosen not to foreground our names, so as not to prioritise our individual voices over the voices from wider communities that are calling for an end to the abuse of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Membership of the Artists' Committee is fluid and informal, and so publishing a list of name would be reductive and probably inaccurate. That said, we are also not hiding. If it is important to you to know who we are, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.