The Artists' Committee delivered the letter below, signed to date by 1571 people, to the NGV at 10am on Friday August 11.
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Tony Ellwood, Director
National Gallery of Victoria

11 August 2017

Dear Mr Ellwood,

As the National Gallery of Victoria takes up a new contract with Wilson Security, Wilson Security is violently enforcing the imprisonment of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia’s offshore immigration detention centres.

The allegations against Wilson Security since the commencement of their contracts on Manus Island and Nauru in 2012 are extensive and disturbing, and the horrific effects of indefinite mandatory detention are well documented.[1]

The Nauru Files reveal allegations of Wilson Security employees assaulting refugees and people seeking asylum, including allegations of physical abuse and sexual assault against women and children, and attacking and choking children.[2] Furthermore, Wilson has attempted to minimise or even cover up these abuses. Wilson employees are alleged to have misled a Senate enquiry,[3] to have failed to report child abuse,[4] and to have pressured other workers to downgrade incident reports from critical to major or minor, even when it was clear that incidents, such as attempted suicide, were critical.[5] 

The record demonstrates clearly enough that Wilson failed in its responsibilities to care for and ensure the safety of detainees on Manus and Nauru. But even if it weren’t clear that it had so failed, Wilson’s participation in the delivery of cruel and inhumane immigration practices makes it complicit in Australia’s breach of its international human rights obligations.[6]

There is no doubt about it: Wilson Security profits from human misery.

The NGV is a trusted cultural institution, a public beacon and a sanctuary for artists. As a public institution that Victorians are proud of, it sets a standard for our common values, reflects our collective ethos and shapes our shared identity.

However, the NGV’s contract with Wilson Security sends a message endorsing the systematic abuse of vulnerable people.

These associations cannot be reconciled.

In light of these facts, we ask you with urgency to discontinue NGV’s partnership with Wilson Security.
As a community of artists, arts workers, patrons and members of the public, we are concerned with the ways in which our public institutions deal with urgent social responsibilities. We expect the NGV to acknowledge the voice of its audience - we are calling on your institution to act powerfully and immediately for justice, by cutting its ties with the detention industry.

We look forward to your reply with optimism. 
Please send your reply to artistscommittee@gmail.com.

On behalf of the Artists’ Committee and signatories. 

1 See the Moss Report, the UNHCR Submission to the Inquiry into the serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum-seekers, the Australian Human Rights Commission National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention and the Nauru files. Accessed Wednesday 26 July 2017.

2 https://www.theguardian.com/news/series/nauru-files; Accessed Wednesday 26 July 2017.

3http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/peter-dutton-should-consider-resigning-after-sarah-hansonyoung-hotel-room-spy-allegations-greens-20150814-giz0di.html; Accessed Wednesday 26 July 2017.

4 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/aug/11/nauru-files-reveal-cases-of-alleged-sexual-violence-and-child-abuse-not-disclosed-to-parliament; Accessed Wednesday 26 July 2017.

5 https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/sep/01/wilson-security-to-withdraw-from-australias-offshore-detention-centres; Accessed Wednesday 26 July 2017.

6  Under Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 37 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Australia has binding obligations to ensure that no one is subject to arbitrary detention. See http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-24/australias-immigration-policies-violating-international-law/7195432


Listed in alphabetical order according to first names.

Aaron Charles Carter

Aaron Claringbold

'As a public organisation operating within Victoria, with the funds the support of Victorian public and FOR the Victorian public, you have an obligation to make decisions that reflect the views of that public. Victoria overwhelmingly disapproves of offshore detention and doing business with the companies that profit from managing illegal offshore detention facilities, not to mention Wilson's numerous other immoral and illegal business engagements. Please do not contract them to provide security services. Also, if you insist on contracting out the security - please make sure that all people working within NGV are on proper contracts and proper wages. You are paid enough to owe us that.'

Aasmund Heimark

Abbey Donald

Abbie Trott

Abbra Kotlarczyk

'I am not in support of any enterprise that facilitates the abuse and detention of refugees and asylum seekers. As a member of the Victorian and greater Australian art community, the NGV's recent aligning with Wilson's Security presents a conflict of interest where my own values on human rights sit. As a result of this foreseen conflict, I will be refraining from any engagement with the NGV until which time this alliance is formally addressed.'


Adam Breasley

Adam Gooderham

'I agree with the sentiment above.'

Adam Sebire

Adela Iacoban

Adelaide MacLeman

Adele Chessell

Adrian De Vries

Adrian Farrugia

Adrienne Boschetti

Adrienne Doig

'Human Rights'

Agatha Partyka

Agnes Prest

'Human rights abusers and culture do not mix.'

Agnieszka Polska

Aidan Cavanagh

'Don't support immoral companies!'

Ainslie Wright


Alana Doyle

'I do not wish to see additional significant revenue go to Wilson, and nor should asylum seekers, migrants or families feel uncomfortable seeing these people at the gallery.'

Alana Fishman

Alana Hunt

Alana Kingston

Alanna Lorenzon

Alena Bondarchuk-McLaughlin

Alex Bennetts

Alex Bishop

Alex Cuffe

Alex Gotts

Alex K

Alex Kelly

Alex Lewis

'Art is for improvement of our society. By partnering with Wilson, the NGV sullies their reputation and the community's capacity to engage with the gallery's collection without also funding mandatory detention.'

Alex Zurawski

Alexander Ben Cooper Smith

'CSR should extend to suppliers'

Alexander Garsden

Alexander Morton

Alexander Nosek

Alexandra Baker

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Dellios

Alexandra Hoffman

'Strongly disagree with the role they play in profiting from violating human rights as part of detention centres.'

Alexandra Jack

Alexandra McNaughton

'I feel that being affiliated with a company like Wilson Security mars the reputation of the NGV and links it to atrocious human rights violations. Please reconsider this contract.'

Alexis Clarke

'I expect more from an institution that is supposed to be inspirational.'

Alice Gower

Alice Heyward

'Because arts institutions promote themselves as leading contemporary thought their choice of contract communicates an implicit ethical judgement on the companies they they work with. Taking such a contract sends the message that the security company does nothing wrong by being involved in Australia's refugee detention regime. This is a new contract and the company's contracts are continuing in the currently closing Manus and the ongoing Nauru camps.'

Alice Julia Moldovan

'An arts organisation should know better than to engage with companies who are paid for cruel, inhumane practices.'

Alice Krupa

'Wilson have made a lot of money out of participating in the cruel detention of asylum seekers and refugees in offshore camps. They continued to renew their contracts even after having seen first hand the physical and psychological deterioration of the refugees and asylum seekers.'

Alice Laws

Alice McIntosh


Alicia King

'Surely there are other security companies for the NGV to contract. Arts organisations do not get a free pass on ethical conduct, and contracting this company is appalling.'

Alison Ashton

Alison McCann

Alison Murdoch

'I'm horrified by the abuse being perpetrated on innocent people by Wilson Security, the Australian government and other contractors. They are committing crimes against humanity. I want nothing to do with any organisation or company which supports those committing these crimes.

Alix Palmer

Alizon Vosburgh

Allanah Stewart

Allison Chan

As a person who is invested in the future of decolonised and inclusive arts practice, I do not believe that our arts institutions should be affiliated or involved with the transgression of human rights.'

Allison Costa

Allison Edwards

'Who we support financially shows the rest of the world who we support morally. I think its up to each organisation to make the decision to reinvest their money into organisations that stand up for human rights and basic human decency over profits.'

Allison Lawrence

Allison Roma Guerin

'I am extremely disappointed at NGV's decision to deal with the perpetrators of violence and misery on innocent people who came to us for protection and safety.'

Ally Riches

'The inhuman treatment of asylum seekers in offshore detention centres is conducted by this security company, the NGV shouldn't be hiring from them.'

Alyssa Primavera

Amanda Harding

'There should be no business in profiting from abuse.'

Amanda Morris

Amanda Oneill

'I travel to Melbourne regularly to visit NGV. I could no long support you if you entered into an agreement with a company that is paid to incarcerate innocent refugees. Do not get caught up in this mess. Make a stand. Seeking asylum is not a crime but treating people the way Wilson Security has treated people is a crime.'

Amanda Ruck

Amanda Thomson

Amanda Zivcic

Amber Russell

'You need to protect women.'


'This is an important issue.'

Amie Anderson

Amii Demanuele

'No one person experiences true freedom unless all people are free.'

Amy Carr-Bottomley

Amy Hills

Amy Jo Jory

'Disgusted with the organization's affiliation with offshore detention of refugees.'

Amy Marjoram

Amy May Stuart

Amy Spiers

Amy Vuleta

Ana Castro

'Breaking international laws the incarceration of asylum seekers.'

Ana Wojak

Anabelle Lacroix

Anastasia Kanjere

Anastasia La Fey

Anatol Pitt

Anaya Carroll

'Their treatment of vulnerable people is inhumane.'

Anaya Latter

Andonis Piperoglou

'Wilson's assisting in the inhuman treatment of refugees.'

Andrea McGrath

'Wilson Security have not only profited from the misery of fellow human beings in offshore detention, they were given, and they wielded, the power to inflict incredible misery on those human beings. This company has proven itself unfit to have staff in positions of power over other people and it's pretty shameful to have the NGV providing them with work.'

Andrea Mcleod



Andrew Charles

'Because I am a human being.'

Andrew Grisdale

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Murphie

Andrina Mitchell

'This organization profits from the suffering, illegal incarceration and abuse of the most vulnerable of the world's people. They should not be supported by public money or donations to the Arts.'

Andy Butler

Andy Morris

'Don't like nazi run triad organizations who run concentration camps and don't pay tax.'

Angela Ransley

Angela Zheng

Angelica Hernandez

'I would expect the NGV not to support a company that profits from detaining refugees and profiting of misery and abuse. I won't be visiting the NGV until this had changed.'

Angie Muccillo

Angus Scott

'The arts community in Melbourne exists on stolen land and would not exist in this form without a historical backstory of murder, pillage and oppression. As artists, curators and community members it is our job to recognise these acts of war for what they are, call out the system which continues to allow for these injustices, and work towards progression of social conscience. In supporting Wilson Security you are telling the world that the Melbourne and Victorian arts community is happy to benefit from genocide, as it has always done, and is willing to assist our government and its delegated private corporations in continuing to treat innocent people as subhuman inconveniences. Sound familiar?
Your influence at the centre of the arts community in this city is a privilege. If you choose the wrong side of history, the community will distance itself from you, make no mistake of that.'

Ania Anderst

Anisa Ismail

Anita Cummins

Anita Spooner

Anke MacLean

Ann Goodwin

'Wilson Security profit from the abuse & torture of innocent men women and children. They are participating in and profiting from human rights abuse. Cancel your contract now.'

Ann Leith

Anna Branford

'It is absolutely essential that the NGV withdraws its complicity with this inhumane and indefensible system. I received a notice this week advising me that it is time to renew my membership. I absolutely will not be doing this until this situation is resolved.'

Anna Calder

Anna Daly

'The lack of clarity and transparency surrounding government policy on Manus Island and Nauru only adds to my contempt for businesses that profit from undertaking contracts there.'

Anna Higgins

Anna Longley

'Compassion for those in tragic circumstances.'

Anna Murphy

Anne-Louise Sarks

Anne Marsh

Anna-Mae Ashman

'This petition saids it all. Everyone deserves refuge.'

Anne Bartley

'The immoral detention and cruelty to some of the most vulnerable people we are legally responsible for must stop.'

Anne Faithfull

Anne Hoban

Anne Lakh

'This company helps oppression of people.'

Anne Lin

Anne Semmens

Anne Zahalka

'I believe that a cultural institution such as the NGV needs to consider it's role in contracting Wilson Security who have shown to violate human rights in their managing of detention centres on Manus and Nauru Islands. It is important that this important institution take an ethical, moral and humanitarian stand by cancelling their contract with Wilson Security.'

Annette Bristow


Anthea Falkenberg

'I am committed to the support of human rights and wish to live in a democracy that gives them full support and legal recognition.'

Anthony Clifton

'Don't reward brutal behaviour.'

Anthony Gardner

Anthony Kelly

Antonia Kostarakis

'I will not sport the NGV in their decision to have a contract with Wilson security. Their conduct on Manus and Nauru can only be described as crimes against humanity.'

Antonia Sellbach

Anu Algama

'Companies which commit human rights abuses have no social licence to conduct business as usual.'

Aoife Stephens

Arie Rain Glorie

'This is wrong.'

Arlene Pater

'People deserve to live a life safe and free not locked up and abused for seeking a better life shame on you NGV I wont be back until you change you security company!'

Arwen Cleary

Asha Bee Abraham

'The NGV should know better than to enter a contract with Wilson Security considering their complicity in the detention and abuse of asylum seekers and refugees.'

Asha Benham-Bannon

Ashleigh Miller

Ashleigh Newnham

'We need to stand up for human rights!'

Asia Swid

It is not a crime to seek refuge


Audrey Cooke

'NGV should distance itself from a firm that had participated in the inhumane treatment of asylum-seekers.
By associating with Wilson Security, NGV will be sending the wrong message to the community, its patrons and members.'

Averil Grieve

Avery Roddam

Aviva Reed

Ayse Treloar

Aysha Tufa

Barbara DC

Barbara Glowczewski

Barbara Trauer

Barry Smythe

'Because I care.'

Bec Dean

Belinda Aldridge

'There are other choices. Reward companies who don't torture people.'

Belinda Toll

Belinda Wilson

Ben Crock

I believe NGV is likely to listen to this sort of petition, and act on a moral rather than financial basis.

Ben Gook

Ben Hjorth

Ben Kluger

Ben Landau

Ben Packer

Ben Sibley

'Maintaining ethical standards.'

Ben Zagami

Benedikt Wyss

Benjamin Lakos

Benjamin Solah

Benjamin Thomson


Bernadette Richards


Bernadette Thomad

Bernd Farasin

'Because I try to act human.'

Beryl Langer

'I am really appalled to find that the NGV-- an institution that I have loved and supported since the 1960s is associated with Wilson Security, the firm that has oversight of Australia's offshore immigration detention centre. Art and human rights abuse do not belong together.'

Beth Sometimes

Betra Fraval

'I care about the humane treatment of people.'

Bev Holmes-Brown

'Support for and profiting from brutality must never be rewarded.'

Beverley Cole

Bianca Frances Hester

Bill Cullen

Bipa Nadia

'The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept!'

Bob Carey-Grieve

Brecon Charles Walsh

'Wilson Security do not deserve our contract paid by the people of Victoria for this important service provision.'



Brendan McCleary

Brent Turner

'Disgusted by Australia's asylum seeker policy, and shocked that NGV would be ignorant to Wilson Security's key role in its enforcement.'

Bridget Graham

Bridget Macwhirter

Bridgette McDonald

Brighid Fitzgerald

Brigid O'Loughlin

Brigid Sundborn

Briony Barr

'Refugees should not be treated as criminals through imprisonment. We should not support the companies that perpetuate this harm.'

Briony Veronica Galligan

'I think that all institutions should work to end mandatory detention, this includes choosing who to do business with.'


Bronwyn Hughes

'I am appalled at the NGV for their lack of humanity.'

Bronwyn Johnson

Brooke Shelton

'Offshore detention is appalling. Shame on you.'

Bruce F Jarvis

Bruce Mowson


Caitlin Di Clemente

Caitlin Jakeman

Caleb Kelly

Callum Morton

Cameron Bowles

'As a regular visitor to NGV this will make me seriously reconsider going back.'

Cameron Coventry

Cameron Doig

Cameron Walls

'Wilson Security is a terrible organisation!'

Cameron White

'When the NGV's water wall is flowing blood, you'll understand.'

Cara Clark

'This company's disgraceful association with depravity in the treatment of asylum seekers.'

Cara-Ann Simpson

Carey Wolhuter

Carl Pannuzzo

'Anything that perpetuates the violation of human rights abuses is wrong. Simple, choose differently. This is the antithesis of art.'

Carly Fischer

'The NGV shouldn't be supporting these disgusting human rights abuses.'

Carmen Reid

'I agree with the reasons offered in this letter. Wilson Security are complicit in a wilful breach of human rights and this cannot be reconciled with them profiting from cruelty or being entrusted with the care of a public arts institution without the NGV knowingly taking a position that supports human rights abuses.'

Carol Andrew

'Asylum Seeking is not illegal, and abuse of these people is against human rights.'

Carol Hogan

Carol Huston

'Ethical decisions need be prioritised over budget savings.'

Carol Peterson

Carol Que

Carole Susan Barden

'I am appalled, embarrassed and deeply ashamed of what is being perpetrated in my name by my government.'


Caroline Moral.

Caroline Anderson

'The NGV shouldn't be supporting companies that contribute to heinous crimes against basic human rights (the detention industry).'

Carolyn Black

'I visit the NGV about twice a year for special exhibits (flying over from Adelaide) I find it abhorrant that part of my entry fee supports a company involved in torture and false imprisonment of asylum seekers in offshore prisons.'

Carolyn Ford

'Disagree with poor treatment of refugees.'

Carolyn Leach-Paholski

Carolyn Schofield

'Public organisations, especially arts organisations, should not support companies that profit from the abuse of asylum seekers. Like a huge number of people living in Victoria, I have a parent who was an asylum seeker. Please show all asylum seekers and their families some respect.'

Cass Landrigan

Cat Stevenson

Cath Howard

Cath O'Connor


'I committed to campaigning to change mandatory detention in Australia.'

Catherine Anderson

'Because it's entirely unethical to profit from the exploitation and abuse of others, or to associate with those that do so.'

Catherine Coghlan

Catherine Deveny

'Because every time you spend a dollar you are voting on how you want the world to be.'

Catherine Dwyer

'Seeking Refuge is a Human Right'

Catherine Evans

Catherine Fauvrelle

'We need to take a stand against a company which allows/encourages its workforce to behave in such brutal ways towards defenceless people.'

Catherine Forge

'Cultural institutions such as the NGV have a responsibility to uphold and affirm basic human rights and values.'

Catherine Greenhill

Catherine Hainstock

'Contracting a firm that violates human rights and tortures vulnerable people is amoral.'

Catherine Hearse

'It shames us all to be associated with the violent & abusive organisation enforcing our inhumane offshore detention system. NGV cannot be associated with this if we are to continue to give this cultural icon respect and patronage.'

Catherine Kevin

Catherine Stuckey

Catherine Watts

'I believe in freedom from tyrants.'

Cathy Hunt

'I believe that this support of Wilson Security misrepresents the value she and damages the public image of an important cultural institution like the NGV.'

Cecile Scholtz

Chamali Egodagamage

'The NGV should have higher standards in the organisations that they deal with. Given that the NGV regularly shows art through the ages and how institutions perpetuate persecution in society, I'm surprised that the NGV would enter in to contracts with a company profiting from incarcerating people in contravention of the UN human rights charter.'

Chamomilla Hill

'I don't want to support any businesses that support the rape, abuse and torture of people.'

Chanelle Rogers

Chantelle Mitchell

Charity Edwards

Charles Esche

Charlie Sofo

Charlotte dent

Chelsea Hopper

Cheryl Patterson

'There is no integrity in dealing with those who abuse the vulnerable.'

Chips Mackinolty

'Because of Wilson Security's blatant and wilful disregard of human rights.'

Chloe Mackenzie

Chloe Neath

Chloe Sinclair

'Stand up for Humanity Tony'

Chris grant

Chris Heywood

Chris Murray

Chris Tomkins

Chris Upton

Chrissie Atkinson

Christian Wesely

'Shame on NGV to collaborate with corporations who assist torture.'

Christina Coombe

'Very disappointed. I love the NGV, frequently a member and visitor but I refuse to support Wilsons security and their shameful history in profiting from abuse in offshore cruel detention centres that destroy innocent lives. Rethink this decision please and tear up this contract. I will never use a Wilson's car park.'

Christina Schmidt

Christine Atkins

Christine Banks

'Shame on Wilson for being involved in the cruelty and torture of asylum seekers.'

Christine Newman

'I am ABSOLUTELY appalled that you would use a firm that has had its staff called out on their horrific abuse of asylum seekers. Please distance yourself from this organisation IMMEDIATELY.'

Christopher Honig

'Basic human decency.'

Christopher Scott Miller

'The arts at their best encourage empathy, understanding and communication between people of different backgrounds. Wilson Security's activities in relation to detention of asylum seekers are the antithesis of these objectives. NGV's association with Wilson Security gives material support to the ongoing abuse and dehumanization of asylum seekers. It's the opposite of what NGV should stand for. Please undo this mistake.'

Christopher Sutherland

Ciara Lynch

'To help contribute to the abolishment of the refugee camps and the abuse that happens within them.'



Claire Sonego

Clare Land

'Not impressed. Get on the right side of history, NGV.'

Clare Rae

Clare Roczniok

Claudia Terstappen


Clementine Edwards

Colleen Burke

'The suffering inflicted and their incompetence in caring for people has lead to deaths.'

Coral Teague

Coral Franklin

Cordula Taiwo

'Human rights must be upheld.'

Corin Sworn

Corina van Oostende

'Sick of maltreatment of people seeking safety.'

Corrie Arnott

'Wilson Security is known for making money inhumanely. This is not ok and they should not be supported by any Australian business.'

Cosmo Varty

Cristal Johnson

Dale Nason

Dan Koop

Dan Mitchell

'We (all Australians) must stop being complicit in torture and cruelty.'

Dan Musil

Daniel Cook

Daniel Jenatsch

Daniel Kerrison

Daniel Miller

Daniel Palmer

'There is a better way, so we must all do everything we can to reject the current way.'

Daniel von Sturmer


Danielle Goder

Danielle Haberecht

Danielle Hakim

Danielle Karalus

Danielle Watts

Dannielle Browne

'Moral standard.'

Danny Butt

Darcy Smith

Darcy Wallace

Darren Gaylor

Darren John Munce

David Bowles

David Cross

David Curran

David Egan

David Francis

'Human rights are important to me.'

David Fullerton

'As a frequent visitor to the NGV, beginning as a teenager, then parent and now with my grandchildren, I wholeheartedly encourage the NGV to take a decisive stand against this clear connection with human cruelty. In my view it is an appropriate action which would elevate the standing of the NGV within Australia's cultural and community space.'

David Jones

'Keep art out of evil.'

David Laurence Ritter

'The arts have a duty to truth and beauty. The incarceration of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus is an offence against both and NGV should not engage in commerce with the company responsible for the incarceration.'

David McCarthy

David Palliser

'It is immoral to support in any way the detention camps on Manus.'

David Pledger

David Trueman

'Evil exists only when good men choose to do nothing.'

David van de Leur

'When saving money becomes more important than saving lives we need to make a stand. Be on the right side of history.'

Davina Wright

Dawn Buchanan

Dayle Purcell

'I will not use a company that does this dreadful thing to people.'

Dayna Chapman

Dea Morgain

Dean Denham

Dean Levitan

'NGV can and should be a symbol about the best of society and culture.'

Deb Sharard

'Human Rights'

Debbie Symons

Deborah Kelly

'Australia's anti-refugee regime is a disgrace that tarnishes all associated with its mechanisms and instruments.'

Deborah Rowe

'Enough is enough, companies who condone this behaviour need to be told it's not okay.'

Deborah Williams

Debra Goldsmith

'I don't support fascism and cruelty.'

Debra Kunda

Debris Facility

Declan Jones

'Please help end the disgusting human rights abuse happening in our names.'

Dejan Dakic

'I don't support detention centres for refugees and the way they are treated.'

Del Hughes

Delia Baron

Delia Bradshaw

Denise Martin

'Exceptionally poor judgement lacking ethical substance.'

Denise Stevens

'Disgraceful conduct by Wilson Security.'

Deua Stojanovska

Diana Burns

Diana Cousens

'Wilson Security is implicated in the abuse and torture of refugees in the offshore camps. It should not be patronised by the Gallery.'

Diana Greentree

'Any company responsible for the abuse of children should not be engaged by NGV, a place that nurtures children so beautifully.'

Diana Kent

Diane Atkinson

'I consider that the abuses happening in offshore detention constitute some of the worst human rights abuses in Australia's history, and that they are a source of national shame.'

Dianne Barton

'I absolutely object to the NGV and all taxpayer funded bodies supporting any company that profits from the disgraceful Australian imprisonment of refugees.'

Diego Ramirez

Dieu Vo

Dion Nania

Dirk Biddle

Dominic Allen

'Manus Island human rights abuses are appealing and a blight to this country.'

Dominic Redfern

Dominika Balwin

Donna Wass

'Human rights and common decency.'

Dorothy Malone

'The arts should not be tarnished by association with enforcers of cruelty.'

Dorothy McDonald

'Wilson Security are party to a disgraceful event in Australia's history.'

Dorothy O'Brien

'I hang my head in shame every day we continue to unlawfully detain asylum seekers. Four years of incarceration in the most appalling and inhumane conditions. In a word DISGUSTING. Germans claimed they did no know of the actions of the Nazis. Our government too has gone to extreme lengths to hide the conditions on Manus Island and Nauru but assuredly some very brave people risk much to ensure that the true extent of our inhumanity and abuse of human rights become known. How dare we as a nation presume to make a stance on human rights anywhere in the world with our record needing to be broadcast to the world at large. Perhaps our government might react if we were sanctioned for our actions.'

Douglas Hind

Dr Cecily Mason

'Wilson Security has an appalling record of its treatment of people detained by it in both Manus Island and Nauru. I am very disappointed that the NGV has chosen to contract to Wilson Security. Please cancel this contract to a firm only interested in making money not in humanity.'

Dr Karen Schamberger

Dr Marnie Badham

'Human rights!'

Dylan Rainforth

'Apart from the obvious moral failure that working with Wilson Security represents, the NGV would do well, from a purely self-interested perspective, to bear in mind the risk of reputational damage this relationship exposes it to. Surely this was the lesson from the Biennale of Sydney and Transfield.'

Ebaney Espinoza

Edie Hester

'Why would NGV want to support an organisation that upholds these acts? Abusers need to be called out and held accountable.'

Edon Costello

Elaine Jacobsen

Eleanor Orchard

Eli Nigol

Elisabeth Bodey

'NGV should not support this company.'

Elisabeth Conil

Elisabeth Griffiths

Elise Addlem

Elise Barton

'The management of these islands is abhorrent. It is shocking and disappointing to see the NGV support a company that, as extension of our federal government, denies basic human rights to vulnerable children and adults.'

Elise Grosser

Elise Lidgett

Elise Routledge

Elise Wilkinson

'I am disturbed by this company's conduct. I believe the NGV could set a powerful example of upholding ethical values in its employment of an alternative contractor.'

Eliza Hutchison

Eliza Turnbull

Elizabeth Andrew

Elizabeth Bodkin-Moore

'Anything to help the plight of our refugees.'

Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth Hallanoro

Elizabeth Mary Sprague

'Want to contribute to all efforts to free refugees'

Elizabeth Mullen

Elizabeth Reed

'Abuse should not be rewarded.'

Elizabeth Short

Elizabeth Stock

Elizabeth Van Dyk

'Stop giving money to companies that profit from the inhumane treatment of vulnerable people!!!'

Elizabeth Zanella

'There should be no profit in abuse. Entering into a contract with a company that profits from abuse, and hides culpable employees from justice, is as good as endorsing the violent abuse those employees of Wilson Security are perpetrating. The arts are a powerful tool for social change and social justice, please help to be the leaders we need on this issue.'

Ella Fitzpatrick-Lubowitz

Ella Norman

'Continuing with Wilson's Parking is unacceptable to me and my wider community.'

Ella O'Keefe

Ellen Fraser

Ellen Kleimaker

'As long as you support companies who profit from the incarceration of refugees you are also responsible for this incarceration of innocent human beings and the incredible damage that is done to them.'

Ellen Taylor

Elmedin Zunic

'Injustice needs to be called out.'

Elvis Richardson

Em Dickson

Ember fairbairn

Emilia Quijano

Emilia Storm

Emilie Jeffreys

Emilie Patteson

Emily Callaghan

Emily Floyd

Emily Kane

'It's very bad form. I do not support offshore detention. I thought the NGV would have better ethical standing.'

Emily Quayle

Emily Sheehan

Emma Berry

Emma Caspers

'I think it is atrocious that a supposed cultural institution would engage organisations responsible for the perpetuation of torture and death on our most vulnerable, stateless refugees that come here seeking safety but instead get abused by the employees of a company you have hired and that are complacent in committing horriffic human right violations all in the name of profit. I will be boycotting the NGV and encouraging everyone I know to do the same, until you disassociate yourself with state sponsored terrorists and greedy thugs at Wilson Security that rape and torture women and children.'

Emma Davidson

Emma McRae

Emma Round

Emma Ryan

'Do not support abuse.'

Emma Sampson

'The link with detention centres and poor treatment of refugees. It is unethical for a public institution to be in a partnership with a company implicated in the trauma and torture of innocent people.'

Eric Berkhinfand

Erin Balfour

'I'm am extremely displeased that one of the cultural hubs of Melbourne is supporting and condoning Australia's abuse of international human rights I will share this fact with everyone i know who visits NGV Please do something about this immediately.'

Erin Crouch

Erin Davis

Erin Kennedy

Erin Schroeder

Erin Sparkes

Esther Justin

Esther Singer

Etta Curry

Eugenia Lim

'No institution should contract a company who profits and enacts human rights abuses on vulnerable people who have already endured unimaginable hardship. I am thoroughly disappointed with the NGV and I will be dissuaded from visiting (and urge others to rethink their patronage) if this contract with Wilson continues.'

Eva Nilssen

Eve Lewis

'Cannot and will not allow continued injustice to exist and continue.'

Farwa Ejaz

Faye Nichols

Fayen d'Evie

Fergus Fitzwater

Fiona Bucknall

'Art celebrates freedom, expression and liberation. Wilson security upholds the opposite of that in dehumanizing conditions on Nauru and Manus Island, with impunity for abuses of power. I will not visit the NGV while a portion of my entrance fee goes to supporting human rights abuses. Please reconsider - the people who visit the NGV would not agree with this move.'

Fiona Collins

'This is unconscionable. I will no longer visit the NGV if this contract continues.'

Fiona Harney

'It's very important that this wonderful public institution makes efforts to use its allocated money in ways that do not support the abuse of others, as enforced by the government. Try harder.'

Fiona Penfold

'Wilson Security should not be encouraged or supported by any decent people.'

Fiona Reilly

Fiona Simmons

Fionn Batchelor

Fjorn Butler

Fran Fogarty

'Opposed to abuse of refugees.'

Frances Harper

Frances McCarthy


Frank De La Rambelya

'Wilson Security are profiting from their cruelty to refugees on Manus & Nauru.'

Franklin Bruinstroop

Frans Ari Prasetyo

F.P.G. Lomme

G Martin

G Savage

Gabriela Holland

Gabriella Foreman

Gabrielle de Vietri

Gabrielle Pennay

Gabrielle Rose

'No business in Abuse. End offshore detention. Bring back the open community integrated immigration hostels onshore instead of the maximum security prisons where unaccompanied minors are detained with adults. Bring back decency and humanity.'

Gabrielle Stolp

Gail Fowler

'Their previous record to refugees.'

Gail Woods

Gary Vines

'The gallery should not be associated with businesses that are not run ethically - I will be cancelling my NGV membership if they go ahead with this contract.'

Gavin Paul Charles

Gaye Demanuele

Gemma Morgain

Genevieve Bishop

Genevieve Callaghan

Genevieve Jones

Genevieve Taylor

Genevieve Townsend

Gennivieve Collier

Geoff Riding

Geoffrey Humble

'I believe that by contracting this firm the State Government is tacitly supporting the incarceration of innocent men, women and children on illegal (by International law) off-shore detention centres.'

George Clark

George Gittoes

George Goring

'No business in abuse.'

George Hyde

'I am concerned that in taking up a contract with Wilson Security, the NGV is complicit in the violence being acted out upon people seeking asylum.'

George Pados

'I do not support Wilson Security actions as a company regarding Manus island and Nauru.'

George Paterson

Georgia Hutchison

Georgia Ray

Georgia Robenstone

Georgia Stone

Georgia Williams

Georgie Davie

Georgie Mattingley

'Wilson Security uses inhumane methods to detain refugees unfairly and indefinitely.'

Georgina Boutsini

'No ethics.'

Georgina Criddle

Georgina Stickels

Gerard Elson

Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez

Gillian Quirk

Gillian Tucker

Gillian Workman

Gisella Weiss

'I am offended and saddened by the way in which our government holds people on Manus and Nauru. NGV is a place of awe and beauty. The two (prison-like conditions and a gallery) should not be connected - in any way.'

Glenise O'connell

Glynis Jackson

Grace Gibbons

Grace Steele

Graeme Stephen

Grant Krupp

Grant Snowden

'I am shocked that NGV would support a company that has committed such atrocities.'

Greg Arrowsmith

Greg Jones

'We cannot support those companies that are making money helping Australia in its violation of human rights.'

Greg Pritchard

'An institution such as the NGV needs to have a robust reputation and this is severely tainted by your association with a company associated with the illegal and inhumane Australia Government treatment of refugees.'

Gregory Crocetti

Greta Gillies

'I don't think Wilson Security are in lines with the values of NGV.'

Guy Abrahams

Haley Rose

Halimah Russ

'The director of the NGV is unethical.'

Hamish Danks Brown

'If refugees are not safe then neither is our society or the arts.'

Hanna Chetwin

Hanna Silver

Hanna Tai

Hannah Bridgette Courtin - Wilson

Hannah Cuthbertson

Hannah Dickinson

Hannah Gordon

'Humane Ethics'

Hannah Leigh-Smith

Hannah Purdy

'Businesses, organisations and institutions like the NGV have power to influence the broader fabric of Australian and global society through their business dealings and relationships, and must use this power for good.'

Harriet C

Harriet Wilde

'It must be difficult being scrutinised about who you work with, however it is even more important that we speak out against companies who threaten our ideals. For an organisation that spreads culture, it would be best to stay away from Wilson Security that do not embrace acceptance. Refugees are refugees; it doesn't matter where they are from and how they got here. Not everyone can afford a plane ticket. But even if they manage to survive and arrive, what message are we sending to them and the public by collaborating with the people who want to take and lock them away from Australia?'

Hartmut Veit

Hayley Bent

Hayley Hunter

Hazel Brown

Hazel Duell

'Treatment of Refugees reflects on all that Wilson Security do... By contracting to them the NGV implies that they are ok with the companies treatment of Refugees.'


'I cannot condone the way people seeking asylum are treated on Manus and Nauru. Wilson Security do not have a good record and need to be part of a compassionate solution. Bring them here!'

Heather Garland

Heather Griffiths

'I am ashamed and horrified what is being done to these people who are seeking sanctuary.'

Heidi Barrett


Helen Brosnan

Helen Grogan

Helen Hill

'Hate the way Australia is treating refugees.'

Helen Hughes

Helen Hunter

Helen Johnson

'It is shameful of the NGV to take out a contract with Wilson Security. Given that the Director of the NGV makes more money than the prime minister, surely the NGV can afford to employ contractors who are not ethically and morally.' abhorrent.

Helen Lewers

Helen Marcou

Helen Panopoulos

Helen Stuckey

'NGV needs to be a supporter of human rights.'

Helen Young

Henri John Eberhard

Herve Senot

Hoang Tran Nguyen

Holly Demanuele

'I will not stand by and watch this abhorrent behaviour by our government in the way they are treating refugees and people seeking asylum.'

Holly Gallagher

Honi Ryan

Hugh Owens

Iain Milne

Iain Murray

'I am a Melbournian (currently living in Canberra). The NGV has always been a part of my life; my earliest childhood memories include touching the waterwall for the first time and lying on the floor and gazing up at the stained glass of the Great Hall.
Perhaps the most affecting experience I've had within the gallery was to stand in the middle of Ai Weiwei's 'Lego' installation. You may recall that following Lego's refusal to supply the raw materials for the work to this Ai Wei Wei, the public responded by offering to send Lego to the Gallery en masse; if my memory serves me correctly, the work was constructed using a lesser form of toy brick, but the negative publicity lead to a change in Lego's policy on the non-supply of their product on political grounds.
I was literally moved to tears by this work, which not only brought the images of so many Australians that I admire into a place which has an almost spiritual resonance for me, but was an actual manifestation of the power of art to change the world for the better.
I hope one day to have many more experiences like this in the NGV. But while the Gallery maintains a commercial relationship with Wilson Security, I cannot, in good conscience, visit this institution that I love.
I urge you to cancel all contracts with Wilson Security immediately.'

Ian Arrowsmith

Ian Harvey

Ian Milliss

Imogen Ive

Indra Haas

Inez de Vega

Inke Loos

'We should not be illegally holding refugees prisoner!'

Irene Finkelde

Irene Gale AM

Irene Perkoulidis

Irini Mason-Sakkas

Isabel O'Brien

Isabelle Sully

Isadora Vaughan

Isobel Monie

isobelle Pearson

Ivana Janousek

'This company is unethical in its actions.'

J.T. De Mallory

Jack Erbacher

'Well it's just wrong.'

Jack Whitmore

Jacob Endean


Jacquelene Drinkall

'I am concerned that refugees be treated with human rights and granted asylum in Australia and the world in line with basic international law.'

Jacqueline Erasmus

Jacqui Shelton

Jacquie Owers-Gayst

Jacquie Coupe

'The host or of this company in its punitive role in Australia detention centres is horrendous. Please do not support a company who has little interest in human rights.'

Jaimi Dawson


James Kelton

James Kelvy

James Kirchner

James Synot

'It's offensive that an organisation that benefits from Human Rights Abuses should profit in any way from the community!'

Jamie Hall

Jan Henderson

'How can you sign a contract with a company that has committed crimes against humanity on Manus and Nauru.'

Jan Lancaster

'I think it's a disgrace for the gallery to use Wilson Security, where are your ethics? Please cancel it immediately!'

Jan Tully

'I am appalled that Wilson Security benefits from the NGV.'


Jana Perkovic

Jane Finlay

Jane Griffith

'The NGV has always been marvellously inclusive and accessible, the staff committed and professional. To take up a contract with a company that supports, profits and executes the conditions on Manus and Nauru is shockingly in conflict with NGV's reputation.'

Jane Holland

Jane Murphy

'To pressure Wilson to stop their profiteering from Asylum seekers imprisonment.'

Jane Thomas

'My husband's grandparents, who were Jewish refugees who came to Australia after the Nazis invaded Austria, were major donors to the NGV when it was constructed. I am appalled that the NGV would use Wilson Security, a company notorious for its involvement in the human rights abuses in Australia's offshore concentration camps!'

Jane Touzeau

'NGV ethical tendering criteria should exclude selection of companies that profit from abuse.'

Janet Galbraith

'Dear NGV, I have been a constant visitor for decades until I realised you had a contract with Wilsons. With all the media coverage you must know of the extreme human rights abuses that this company undertakes. Do you also know that there are many artists, some of whose work you would - and some of whom you have - exhibited in your gallery? These people and artists have been subject to many forms of torture by Wilson I ask that you disassociate yourselves from this torturous company. DO NOT INVEST IN HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE. It does not serve you well in any way.'

Janet Paradise

Janette Connard

'Wilson Security is not an ethical company. Please do not bring NGV into disrepute.'

Janice Hill

'I do not want MY NGV to support the Wilson Security Company in any way financially, or otherwise.
It will be seen as supporting their outrageous actions on Manus and Nauru.'

Janice Loquat Westlake

Janine Webb

'No one should support Wilson Security after their disgusting actions. My wages will not be spent at any business doing business with them.'

Jared Davis

Jarrod McKenna

Jarrod Sutton

'Human rights concerns.'

Jarrod Troutbeck

Jarrod Zlatic

Jason Cox

'No one should have to endure this, REPEAT - NO ONE'

Jason Maling

Javed de Costa

Jazz Kardasz

Jean Morris

'I have had close contact with refugees in Manus Island and Nauru abused by Wilson Security thugs. They are not a reputable company.'

Jeannie Brown

Jed mcneill

Jeff Sparrow

Jemila Rushton

Jemima Potter

Jen Pfitzner

'I want the NGV to end their association with Wilson because of their links to Manus island and Nauru.'

Jenell Quinsee

'No business in human rights abuses.'


Jenni York

'There must be consequences when large companies put profit before human rights. Ordinary people must speak out and support actions like this whenever they can.'

Jennifer Anderson

'I'd like to imagine the NGV would reject association with perpetrators of and profiteers from human rights violations'

Jennifer Brewer

Jennifer Buckland

Jennifer Eaton

Jennifer Ellen Mcadam

'To send this company a message we must stand firm and also the NGV is so pro freedom for all and needs to stay true to this.'

Jennifer Mansfield

'Wilson Security colluded with the Australian government to keep secret what was happening to people in the detention centre. Some of their employees were part of the problem - abusing their duty of care and actually assaulting women and children. What was happening (and is still happening) on Nauru was shameful, and Wilson Security profited from the situation.'

Jennifer Tuke

Jenny Smith

'Wilson's behaviour at Australian detention camps have made them into a close representation of concentration camps.'

Jenny Steels

'Wilson Parking/Security company has had a bad reputation for being unjust bullies for years... myself & 3 friends have had our own experience with them 35 years ago & i've avoided as much as possible using them ever since. Over the years i've heard many stories, none of them complimentary & then some of the stories coming out of Manus & Christmas Island naming them as a nasty unjust & violent group it seems wrong to me that people like that should be in charge of scared vulnerable people.'

Jepke Goudsmit

'Please do not associate the Gallery with the violence perpetrated by Wilson Security against the asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru.'

Jess Dalrymple

Jess Johnson

Jess McCausland

Jess Trijsburg

Jesse Mccormack

Jessi Wong

Jessie Bullivant


Jessica Bradford

Jessica Curtain

'The leaked Nauru Files show that Wilson Security was heavily complicit in committing and covering up acts of abuse and violence against asylum seekers. Even if we put aside arguments about the (il)legality or (in)humanity of indefinite offshore detention, Wilson's record on Nauru is one of abuse, rape, violence and cover-ups. They were involved in spying on an Australian Senator in Nauru and misleading the Senate. They've also been embroiled in a corruption scandal as a result of the Panama Papers. And did I mention the appalling record of abuse against some of the world's most vulnerable people? Regardless of where you stand on the government's offshore detention policy, this is not a company the NGV or any conscientious organisation should be associating itself with.'

Jessica Hutchison

Jessica Kelly

Jessica Lovell

Jessica Matheson

Jessica Matley

Jessica Neath

Jessica Ord

Jessica Reid

Jessica Scott

'NGV can't espouse and celebrate progressive values in the art they present whilst making business decisions that perpetuate unethical, inhumane and cruel actions.'

Jessie Boylan

Jessie Henley

Jessie L. Warren

Jill Horton

Jill Julius Matthews

Jill Marion Parris

'I do not believe the NGV should support an organisation that benefits from crime.'

Jill Winfield

Jim Rimmer

Jimmy Snuff

'This is completely inappropriate.'

Jo Daniell

Jo Eaton

Jo Howell

'The NGV should not employ a company that profits from the systematic abuse of vulnerable, innocent people seeking asylum. There are alternatives.'

Jo Langdon

Jo Sherry

Jo Windred

'It is important we take every opportunity to deter companies being involved in the human rights violations being perpetrated by the current Australian Government. A company who takes a contract on manus or Nauru obviously are not an ethical company. I expect more from the gallery.'

Jo-Ann Elvery

Joana Waszaj

Joanna Meighan

Joanne Claire Wilkes

Joanne Elizalde - Hernandez

JoAnne Weiss

'Wilson Security guards have wilfully committed human rights abuses on human beings in detention on Nauru and Manus. I will not attend any premises where Wilson Security are employed until offshore detention of refugees is ceased and there refugees are resettled in Australia.'

Joel Stern

Jodi Philpott

Jodie barakat

Jodie Kinnersley

Jody Borland

'I agree. Sharing.'

Joe Hextall

Johanna Blows

'I cannot tolerate the cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees, people seeking help from our country, our people - Such help should be the easiest and most obvious response.'

John Denney

'Wilson are a morally questionable organisation; For NGV to seek services from such an organisation lessens their moral and social integrity.'

John Francis Fox

'Basic humanity'

John Magor

'Doing anything possible to bring about change to the abhorrent treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian government and all agencies and organisations involved.'

John Weldon

'I am appalled at this move.'

John Worters


Jon Ra

Jonathan Baskett

Jonathan Heath

'I'm human.'

Jonathan Lawrence

'I'm opposed to concentration camps.'


Jordan Capp

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher

Jordy Silverstein

Joseph Norster

Josephine Hellen Franklyn

Josephine Sando

'It is wrong for an institution supporting the highest ideals of humanity should use the services of a company involved in reducing innocent people's lives to hell.'

Joshua Chang

'My conscience.'

Joshua Pocius

Joshua Taylor

Jude Worters

Judith Bacon

'Please do not do this, NGV.'

Judith Blundell

Judith Brisson

Judith Worrall

Julia Dehm

Julia Hanssen

'I am against people in power physically, mentally and sexually abusing asylum seekers.'

Julia Komarowski

'No one should profit from the cruel immigration policies of this government.'

Julia Laidlaw

'You can change the world by choosing who you do business with.'

Julia Lomas

Julian Chapple

'I'm a proud supporter of the arts and regularly attend exhibitions hosted by the NGV. However I will not support the NGV if they continue to condone the off shore incarceration and abuse of refugees.'

Julian Grace

'Supporting the detention industry is awful. Just stop it, it's simple.'

Julian Harris

Julie Batchelor

'Wilson security has a very bad track record with human rights and does not deserve this contract. A second point is why don't you directly employ security guards to ensure that they are not being exploited and that they are paid a decent wage and have decent working conditions. I would like my tax dollars used to improve peoples lives and not be part of destroying lives.'

Julie Burleigh

Julie Butler

'I'm sick of human rights abuses against asylum seekers.'

Julie Kimber

Julie Richards

Julietta Boscolo

'The treatment of refugees by the Australian government is inhumane and contravenes international law.'

Justine Carder

K Jones

Kanisha Krishnakumar

Karen Commisso

Karen Palenzuela

Karen Therese

Karen Williams

'We must not support a company that puts profits above the safety and human rights of others.'

Karl Smith

Karolina Backman

Karoline Morwitzer

'We need to use all the tools we have to end offshore processing and mandatory detention. 4 years of medical negligence, torture and rape by wilson security and other workers, child molestation, death by machete, self immolation, overdose. Your support for Wilson matters on this issue.'

Kasey Gambling

Kat Moore

'That a respected public institution such as the NGV would be complicit, through the exchange of money and services, in the abuse and torture of refugees who have a legal right to seek asylum in Australia, is horrendous. In contrast, the NGV should be leading the way to a humane Australia. The arts must be used as a tool to challenge the status quo, to work toward a better world.'

Kat Soutar

Kate Bradley

'Links to detention centres'

Kate Cavanough

'I do not think our cultural institutions should support or endorse companies that have such a low moral and ethical work standards.'

Kate Cotching

Kate Crawford

Kate Just

Kate Kinkade

Kate Maguire-Rosier

Kate O'Hara

Kate ONeill

Kate Walton

Kate Woodcroft

'I have signed this petition because I hope that the art community can take ethical leadership in difficult territory. Perhaps the hypocrisy of sponsorship and patronage in the arts is inevitable but where possible we should make decisions that reflect support for those suffering under our national policy.'

Katherine Marchant

Katherine Palella

Katherine Sheedy

Kathleen McCarthy

'We all have a moral and ethical obligation to do what we can to stop this continued abuse of vulnerable people whose human rights are being violated by our country.'

Kathleen McLeod

'Close offshore concentration camps.'

Kathrine Farn

'Wilson has a bad reputation for poor practices in the supposed care of vulnerable people.'

Kathryn Clements

Kathryn Joy

Kathryn Renowden

Kathy Johnstone

Kathy mcpherson

'Immigration detention centres are disgusting and anyone involved should be boycotted.'

Katicah H

'The NGV should be setting higher standards in the community than this.'

Katie Kilgour

Katie Murray

Katie Stackhouse

Kawita Vatanajyankur

'Human rights.'

Kay Bennett

'I want to still be able to come to the gallery, but I don't go anywhere that uses Wilson Security.'

Kay Morton

Kaye Crawford

Kaylene Abolitis

'No business in abuse.'

Keely Macarow

Keith Oakden-Rayner

Kelly Brawn

Kelly Hussey-Smith

Kelly Parry

'I support the arts but I do not support criminals.'

Kenneth Erickson

Keren Rubinstein

'Compassion, principles, human decency.'

Kerry Dawborn

'Wilson Security and any other company engaging in the cruelty involved in offshore detention is a completely inappropriate choice for an organisation like NGV to work with. NGV should be upholding much better standards of decency and humanity. It is an appalling reflection on NGV that working with such a company would even be considered. If you want to have any credibility as an organisation for the public good, DITCH THE DEAL NOW NGV!!!'

Kerry Landrigan

Kerry Woodward

'We need to show companies that profit from abuse that there are consequences for their continued disregard for human welfare. Institutions such as the NGV should be leaders within our community and take a stand by cutting ties with Wilson Security. For if they do not, NGV are guilty by association.'

Kevin Curby

'Wilson seems to lack responsibility and accountability in its supervision of asylum seekers. I cannot support such a company looking after security at an Australian mainland facility.'

Kevin Hawkins

'The detention centres in Nauru and Manus Island are a gross violation of human rights, and are unlawful. By removing your support for Wilson Security, you are condemning an inhumane and outdated system of oppression. This is not about politics; it is about protecting the lives of the most vulnerable people.'

Kiloran Hiscock

Kim Asher

'I have hundreds of refugee friends and I object to my entrance fees being paid to a company that tortures my friends and their friends, relatives and compatriots.'

Kim Turner

Kim Veronica Burrell

'It is impossible to support an organisation that participates in this appalling treatment of human being who are simply and rightly seeking safety. Australia's stance on this policy cannot be tolerated. I am ashamed to be an Australian and will not travel for the embarrassment of proffering my Australian passport in another country. Not in my name. Until this practice ceases and the NGV suspends this contract, I will not be visiting the NGV.'

Kimberley Newman

Kime Sama

'NGV’s contract with Wilson Security sends a message endorsing the systematic abuse of vulnerable people.'

Kiran Hayes

Kirsten Cameron

'Wilson's treatment of refugees.'

Kirstie rea

Kirsty Waring

'Please don't reward companies for torture.'

Kitt Loughman

Klara Fletcher


Kristie Martin


Kristina Arnott

Kristine Jover

Ky Hinselwood

'Turn to your moral compass and cancel this contract, PLEASE.'

Kyle Weise

Kyleigh langrick

Kylie Robinson

Kylie Wilkinson

'It is time to end the illegal detention of asylum seekers.'

Kylie' Gay Cook

'I cannot believe you'd go with Wilson. I didn't realise. I went to Van Gogh- now I am ashamed. I was going to go to Hokusai - now I won't, I am also sharing this with my friends. The rights of asylum seekers are more important than my love and desire to see fabulous art. Please reconsider.'

Lachlan Anthony

Lanie Stockman

'Visited Nauru for professional reasons. Angered by offshore detention. Saw first hand the militaristic way the 'centre' is run through contractors such as Wilson.'

Lara Chamas


Lara Thoms

'The arts sector needs to be leaders in the quest for human rights.'

Laresa Kosloff

'I am deeply disturbed by Wilson Security's track record on Nauru.'

Larissa MacFarlane

Larry Forbes

'Wilson Security has received payment from the Australian Federal Government as payment for torturing innocent people. Do not do business with them.'

Laura Brennan

'It's so wrong.'

Laura Bronte Graham

Laura Castagnini

Laura Johnston

Laura La Rosa

'Out of principle (human rights).'

Laura Noonan

Laura Salvatore


Lauren Anderson

Lauren Baird

'The choices we make are powerful and matter. NGV has always represented a force of good. Please reconsider.'

Lauren Caulfield

'The situation in offshore immigration prisons is devastating. Wilsons should not be profiting from keeping people in detention. The details of wilsons conduct are abhorrent. Please cancel the contract.'

Lauren Clelland

Layla Vardo

Lazar Pax

Lea Maier

'I believe every human being has the right for freedom, especially those who have already been tormented enough in war stricken countries. These unfortunate people risked their lives in order to live a better life in Australia, just to be detained again and treated so inhumanely. As a regular visitor to the NGV and an art lover I strongly urge NGV to cancel the contract with Wilson Security, because in this day and age we do not support such deprival of human rights and dignity!'

Leahanne Schneider

Leanne Williams

'One does what one can.'

Lee Valentine

Lee-Anne Khor

Leena Riethmuller

Leila Reilly

'I've seen first hand the way Wilson security treats asylum seekers and refugees.'

Leilani Turner

'Make sure the NGV listen to the publics response.'

Leon Hawker

Leonie Van Eyk

'I disagree wholeheartedly with the treatment of refugees on Manus Island. If the same security company that we have on Manus are also in wonderful establishments like the NGV then i am gravely disappointed in the NGV for not choosing differently.'

Lesley Helen Walker

'Wilson is a global profiteer who for years has paid dividends from rough management, rough treatment - degradation - of men, women, children, babies, teenagers, aged people, all asylum seekers in detention centres currently in Nauru & previously Manus Island PNG. I have visited many detention centres & seen the power that security management staff have over the people, & seen it mismanaged, over-used by instituting petty actions pitting people against each other to cause trouble, to give reason to 'crack down' & use more power, to destroy people's wellbeing. Please do not contribute to the profits of Wilson. Moreover do not patronise their carparks - this simple action of boycotting their business is another way to show that good people will react to bad practices - to harm their reputation & "bottom line".'

Lesley Pathe

Léuli Eshraghi

'NGV needs to be an ethical public institution.'

Lewis Allen

Liam Andrews

Liang Luscombe

Libby Hart

'By doing business with Wilson Security, the NGV supports the systematic abuse of refugees and people seeking asylum.'

Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson

'All what is mentioned in the letter to Tony Ellwood gets our full support. Wilson Security profits from human misery and the NGV’s contract with Wilson Security does send a message endorsing the systematic abuse of vulnerable people. These associations cannot be reconciled. In light of these facts, we join the Artists’ Committee and all other signatories asking you with urgency to cancel NGV’s contract with Wilson Security. As artists, humans and part of the audiences alike, we can´t be but against any contracts or associations between art institutions and other public representative institutions with patrons or companies that profit from human misery as it clearly shows in this case. We wish and urge the NGV to act immediately, bravely, ethically and for justice cutting its ties with the detention industry.'


Lichen Kemp

Lilian Bishop

Lilian Steiner

Lily Boatman

Linda King

'I am appalled at this action by the NGV. Has no one read the plethora of reports over the abusive management by Wilson of off shore detention centres and the collusion with the Department of Immigration in the systematic infliction of cruelty and abuse on women and children by Wilson security thugs. Read the reports. I am ashamed that the gallery in my home town is choosing this path. Disgusted.'

Linda Kirkman

'Wilson is not an ethical company. Find a small, Australian business that can do the job without human rights violations in the background.'

Linda Sutherland


Linda Warren

Lindsay Moffatt

Lindy Banks

Linh Nguyen

Linnet Good

'What this country is doing to those people is unconscionable, indefensible and downright evil. Don't be a part of making it happen.'

Lionel Doolan

'I expect the arts to be a leader in the development of a civilised society. Siding with thugs is the exact opposite. How thoroughly bogan of you.'

Lisa Businovski

'As a member of the NGV it is my concern that the institute is a reflection of it's patrons values and beliefs. There are other options for security firms, find the right one which isn't involved in such anti-humane business.'

Lisa Byrne

Lisa Frankland

'By employing this company you are indirectly supporting the unjust and inhumane incarceration of some of our most vulnerable human beings.'

Lisa Gye

Lisa Mitchell

'For the human rights of all people.'

Lisa Mortimore

Lisa Stefanoff

'What has happened on Manus is utterly unacceptable and Wilson needs to be called to account.'

Lisa Tarasenko

Liz Conor

'Don't want to add to the coffers of human rights abusers.'

Liz Dunn

'To protest the NGV's continued engagement with Wilson Security, which in effect continues its continued engagement in the abhorrent systemic abuse of asylum seekers and refugees who should rightfully be brought to Australia.'

Liz Patterson

Lizzy Sampson

Lois Nishizawa

Lois Pickering

'Because I care for our refugees.'

Loksee Leung

Lorelei Vashti

Lorena Solin

Lorraine Curtis

'Wilson Security is guilty of crimes against humanity.'

Lorraine Heller-Nicholas

Lorraine Pink

'I do not believe that the NGV would want to support a company (Wilson) that has played a part in the systematic abuse of refugees and people seeking asylum.'

Lottie Clark

Louise Brissenden

Louise Conroy

Louise Mcdonald

'I am utterly disgusted. Where is the due diligence that NGV, a public institution, needs to be doing on who they are contracting to. The torture, the sexual assaults of adults and children, the violence and abuse being perpetrated on on Manus, Nauru, Christmas Island and in onshore detention centres on the scale that it is happening all under the Wilson Security groups watch has to be stopped. NGV is now saying it supports all of that by awarding Wilson security the contract. It just is an absolute abrogation of NGV values and its responsibility to all its patrons and visitors. Dump them now.'

Louise Redmond

Lucas Ihlein

Lucas Lundgren

'NGV’s contract with Wilson Security sends a message endorsing the systematic abuse of vulnerable people.'

Lucas Maddock

Lucie McIntosh

Lucina Lane


Lucy Davis

Lucy Helft

Lucy Hurrey

Lucy Plamer

Luhsan Tan

'My parents were children in Detention, in Indonesia, and had to starve for 4 years, I am still dealing with that today    70 years on through their health issues. The detention of people has a lasting effect on communities of which future generations will be burdened by the damage. The NGV as a place that presents culture shouldn't be a place that invests in destroying lives.'


Luke Bishop

Luke Devine

'I know you do not have a social conscience, nor do you share common human values or the capacity for empathy. I know that you will not be moved by this petition, but I signed it because I wanted you to know that people can see you.'

Luke Marburg

Luke Shelton

Luke Stickels

'It's frightful to think that such an important cultural institution as the NGV would help legitimise a group that is profiteering off misery and human rights abuses. History will judge us harshly for what we did/didn't do. Lift your game NGV -- you can't say you didn't know!'

Luke Weyland

Lyn Dundon

'I do not support Wilson security role in maintaining asylum seekers and refugees in detention centres. Sadly NGV is not acting ethically by contracting with Wilson Security.'

Lyn Thornton

Lyndal Walker

Lyndsey Cooper

Lynette Ann Whale

Lynette Cameron

'Outrage. Anger. Not in my name. Ban these bastards.'

M. Cassaignau

'My opposition to the refugees detention centres.'

M. Hutchinson

'Offshore detention policy is disgusting, our treatment of these people is appalling, not in my name.'

M. Kohlman

'Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Apathy is consent.'

M. McGrath

MacGregor Scott

'Shocking misjudgement NGV. We will all lose.'

Madaline Rielly

Madé Spencer-Castle


Madeleine Sternberg

Madelyn Roof

Maeve Scannell

Magdalene Baines

Maggie ScottProtest

Manderlee Anstice

Mandy Ord

'Supporting the rights of asylum seekers.'

Mandy Warr

Manon van Kouswijk

Marc Martin

Mardi Sommerfeld

Margaret Halliday

'Critical of Wilson's unethical position re off shore refugees.'

Margaret Mayhew

'Wilson Security has profited from the monstrosity of the Manus Island detention centre. This is the antithesis of everything that art represents, and our public institution of art should not be associated with such a terrible company.'

Margaret Roberts

'I believe that institutions such as the NGV should contribute to community wellbeing by only supporting organisations committed to respecting life and the environment. In employing Wilson Security the NGV is showing disregard for the politically opportunistic and cruel policy of mandatory detention of refugees, and for Wilson Security's particular history of violence and abuse, and thus deserves to be boycotted by all civilised people.'

Margaret Sinclair

'I cannot see how a commercial association between the NGV and a company who has committed and supported and profited from human rights abuses is a reflection of community standards. Ditch Wilson and any other company associated with immigration detention.'

Margie Medlin

'To stop off shore detention of refugees - we are all boat people.'

Marianne Harris

Marie FeiglI

'Do not believe NGV or anyone should employ or contract or support in any way an organisation which is a party to crimes against humanity such as Wilson Security has been on Nauru and Manus is.'

Mariella Delconte Green

'Social consciousness.'

Marija Vojdanoska

Marina Reyes Franco

'I want to lend international support for this initiative. Wilson is profiting from the pain and suffering of asylum seekers, and should have no place in the art world.'

Marion Singer

Marita Hamalainen

'I think support from and dealings with a company that are complicit in human rights abuses makes the NGV complicit also.'

Marlene Hodder

'I believe we have a responsibility to heed the call for freedom for refugees on Manus and Nauru island. Wilson Security have been complicit in the atrocious treatment of asylum seekers and should not be supported by being granted further security contracts.'

Marnie Edmiston

Marnie Ford

'I'm appalled that the NGV would engage Wilson Security knowing their role on manus island and nauru, effectively supporting the violent actions of the company and enforcement of mandatory detention.'

Martin Shield

'Really surprised by this failure to apply ethical standards when considering contracts, please NGV: Fess up to the error and cancel the contract.'

Mary Jo Kelly

Mary Josephine De Boer

'Wilson Security has been instrumental in the systematic abuse of those who have been put under their care in the offshore detention centres. It is unconscionable that an organisation like the NGV supports such a business. Please cancel your contract with them.'

Mary Malone

Mary Mihelakos

Mary Rahilly

'There are Human Rights abuses allegedly perpetrated by Wilson staff that have not been addressed and your support only sends a message of acceptance of these abuses. Tony, there are other security services you could use.'

Mary Scully

Mary Toogood

Mathew Sincock

Mars Drum

'I'm disgusted and deeply disappointed that the NGV supports human torture.'

Matt Cox

Matt Quinn

Matthew Kiem

Matthew Linde

Matthew Paul Ellis

Maura Edmond

Maureen Trees

'Wilson Security has upheld the abuse of people under their care.'

Maureen Turner

'Inhumane treatment of refugees asking for our help.'

Megan Fizell

Megan Grigg

Megan Stout

Megan Williams

Megg Minos

Meghan Oare

'Refugees deserve refuge. We are all human not assets or disposable.'

Mel Cheng

Mel Holmes

Melanie Cecilia Stapleton

Melanie Jayne Taylor

Melanie Lazarow

'Because it is wrong to profit from concentration camps for refugees.'

Melanie Worth


Melissa Blagojevic

'Australia's treatment of refugees does not provide them their basic human rights, we all have the right to seek a place to live that is free of persecution.'

Melissa Deerson

Melissa Hart

'Wilson Security profits from human misery. Wilson’s participation in the delivery of cruel and inhumane immigration practices makes it complicit in Australia’s breach of its international human rights obligations. NGV’s contract with Wilson Security sends a message endorsing the systematic abuse of vulnerable people.'

Melissa Jane Cox

'These people should not be given employment with the NGV because by doing so it supports the incarceration of people on Manus Island and Nauru, and therefor the systematic abuse of people seeking asylum.'

Melissa Ryke

Melody Woodnutt

'I do not support this assimilation of contradictory ethics.'

Memphis Kelly

Meredith Budge

Meredith Squires

'As an artist, as well as a lawyer working with people seeking asylum, and indeed as a human being, I am deeply concerned about the way our government treats people seeking asylum, both those who are in Australia waiting for their claims to be heard and those who remain in offshore processing centres.'

Meredith Turnbull

Meriki Onus

Merilyn Fairskye

Merrilyn Roberts

Merryn Browne

Mi Nguyen

Mia Zar

Micaela Bumpstead

Micah Weekes

'Our governments continued abuses of Human Rights both here, on Manus and Nauru, West Papua, etc MUST BE STOPPED. We need to mobilise community to help us put a stop to this corporate corruption and money making at the cost of human life and welfare.'

Michael Brennan

Michael Dockery

'NGV should not give contracts to an organisation that contributes to human rights violations.'

Michael Dominick

Michael Fawcett

Michael Fridman

Michael Graeve

'We are judged by the company we choose to keep.'

Michael Harvey

Michael John Harvey

Michael Longmore

Michael Louttit

Michael Lush

'Wilson are complicit in crimes against international law.'

Michael Moffatt

'For refugee rights.'

Michael O'Connell

Michael Pfikaris

'Any cultural centres being sponsored by torture camps is bad for the future.'

Michael Pulsford

'I like the NGV a lot. It is exactly the wrong kind of institution to be lending legitimacy to a company facilitating abuse. Please stop!'

Michael Wootton

'Because what is happening in Nauru is a national disgrace and I do not support the actions or treatment by the security company. Additional detention centres are wrong and there needs to be a more fair and just system for these fleeing individuals.'

Michaela Jeannaisse Carter

Michaela Sargent

Michele Feinberg

Michele Seminara

Michelle Abrahmz

Michelle Bui

Michelle Casey

'How could this possibly be defended, even considered, by the NGV?'

Michelle Cordell

Michelle Dunne Breen

'Abusive regimes in our offshore detention camps.'

Michelle Reiner

Michelle Saleeba

Michelle Sterry

'The whole refugee system as it stands is not fit for purpose and there are serious allegations against Wilson Security in regard to this.'

Miguel Valenzuela

'I find it appalling that a gallery exhibiting art can be associated with repression and torture.'

Mikala Dwyer

Mike Cooper

'I am appalled at the behaviour of this company in Manus and Nauru and although I live in Rome/Italy I am a frequent visitor to Australia and the NGV.'

Miles Allinson

Millie Cattlin

Mina McMahon

Mira Gojak

Mira Thurner

'So shocked and keep hoping that this is not the case. Please do not do business with Wilson Security. Do not support a company involved in barbarism.'

Miranda Johnson

Miream Salameh

Mischa Barr

Mishelle Grigor

Mishelle Predika

Mitchel Cumming

Moira Rayner

Molly Cullen

Molly Smith

Monika Maddock

'If the NGV employ Wilson Security it makes them, and me as a member, complicit it the terrible injustice of indefinite detention.'

Monique Chiari

Monique Hameed

Monique Micallef

Morgan Fayle

Morganna Magee

Moya McKenna

Muireann Heussaff

Myles Mumford

N. Cameron

Nadia Rhook

'We must divest from the inhumane treatment of refugees.'

Namatullah Kadrie

'A moral obligation.'

Naomi Kelly

Naomi Wang

Narda Shanley

Natalie Artis

Natalie Keene

'NGV has stronger values than this, does it not?'

Natalie King

Natalie Kon-yu

'NGV is supposed to care about human rights.'

Natalie Mather

Natalie Thomas

'Do not do business with companies who profit from disregarding people's human rights.'

Natasha Dwyer

Natasha Guantai

Natasha Ludowyk

Natasha Reid

'I worked on Nauru and am aware of the abuses perpetrated by Wilson Security towards vulnerable people.'

Natesha Somasundaram

Nathan Gray

Nathan Larkin

'People seeking asylum have been treated bad enough let alone be subject to abuse by those they should be able to trust to protect them.'

Neil Joinson

Nektaria Renfree

Nell pearson


Neville Smith

'I believe in humanitarianism.'

Nicholas Hayward

'The NGV should not be supporting private entities who profit from the suppression of other people's human rights.'

Nicholas Jones

'Using this company with a dubious history is deeply unsettling.'

Nicholas Mangan

Nicholas Tolhurst

'There are always options. I expect better from the NGV and will not renew my membership if the contract continues - I have options too.'

Nicholas Whyte

Nick Melchior

Nick Smethurst

Nicola Gunn

'I do not support violence, inhumane incarceration and those organisations who do.'

Nicole Curby

'Australia's brutal treatment of refugees must end. A new contract with Wilson shows complicity in the horrific treatment of innocent people.'

Nicole Dobson

'Is it really worth the risk? Supporting the torture of innocent and vulnerable disadvantaged traumatised men women and children. Please cancel the contact.'

Nicole Dowling

Nicole Gaffney

Nicole Tribolet

Nigel Brown

Nigel Fewkes

Nigel Westlake

Nikki Lam

Nikki Ross

'Wilson's treatment of innocent people seeking asylum is inhuman and reprehensible. I am a regular visitor to the NGV with my grandson and I do not support this partnership. The NGV can choose an ethical alternative.'

Nikola Balvin

'I'm a supporter of refugees and asylum seekers.'

Nikos Papastergiadis

Nimue di Gherdeina

'Wilson's have a terrible record for human rights abuses, not just in the camps, but also here on Australian soil, in their everyday security role.'

Nina Peheim

'NGV cancel the contract with Wilson security for their involvement at Manus Island and Nauru.'

Nina Ross

'As an artist and regular visitor of the NGV I do not want to support an organisation that chooses to do business with a company that profits from the abuse of innocent people seeking asylum.'

Noel Wyndom

'This company is actively engaged in human rights abuses.'

Norma Briggs

'We have friends who are on Manus and Nauru who have been unjustly treated by Wilson.'

Odette Stevens

'Incarceration of people is wrong especially for those who have sought safety.'

Ola Khater

Olivia Allen

Olivia Chapple

'Important message must be sent to state government, implicitly supporting current federal actions and human rights concerns.'

Olivia Koh

Olivia Manor

'As a frequent visitor to the Gallery, I am horrified that its security is entrusted to a company known for its participation in human rights abuses. Shame on you for even considering Wilson Security!'

Olivier Kowald

Oonagh Slater

Oscar Perry

Oskar summers

Owen Gale

'Wilson Security profit from the persecution of the innocent. They should not have any support from the arts sector.'

Paddy Hay

Padma Carroll

Pamela Metcalf

'I think Wilson's should have consequences for their alleged behaviour in offshore centres and not be given work at NGV.'

Pat Rayner

Patricia Mamonski

'I am against the inhumane treatment of refugees and l believe Wilson are culpable in this matter. I would struggle to support the NGV if they hired Wilson Security, or gave this company a contract.'

Patricia Scanlan

'I would not wish to be associated with any organisation who has dealings with Wilson security. This is due to the appalling record the firm has in assisting detention of refugees on Manus Is. and Nauru. Art, freedom and human rights have long been bedfellows. The moral and ethical position of NGV is compromised by any dealings with Wilson Security.'

Patti Wilkins

'These people should be safe from harm and given asylum in Australia.'

Paul Kelly

Paul Danyluk

'Wilson Security are violating human rights. They are harming the reputation of the NGV.'

Paul Desney

Paul Glennie

Paul liknaitzky

Paula Abul

Paula van Beek

Pauline Crawford

'This company has caused unnecessary pain and suffering to people in detention centres.'

Pauline McCabe

'The NGV should not be supporting this thuggish company.'

Penelope Clark

Penelope Lake

Penelope Sands

'Leading cultural institutions need to be speaking out against abuse, not collaborating and funding it.'

Penny Moye

'Legitimising a company that oversee and profit from the abuse and torture of people seeking refuge is abhorrent - be ashamed and be swift to burn those contracts.'

Penny Ryan

Peta Clancy

Peta Jeffries

'Because I support the right to seek asylum.'

Peta Morris

Peter Bee

Peter Casamento

Peter Ivor Wilson

Peter Mckenzie

Peter Nolan

'Moral objection to existing Australian policy on the handling of refugees.'

Peter SB Woods

Peter Wood

Phil Evans

Philipa Veitch


Phoebe Betremieux

Phuc Maiazz

'Wilson are bad'

Pia Treichel

Pierre Proske

'Totally against the incarceration of asylum seekers.'

Pip Byrne

Pip Ryan

Pouya Bagheri

'Australia's policy on asylum seekers is a national disgrace and NGV should not be in this filth in any way.'

Pris Cook

Ptiika Owen-Shaw

Puska Grange

Quentin Sprague


R. Pascoe


Rachael Duff



'Wilson Security has a record of abusing the human rights of people. They should be boycotted until they investigate these abuses, sack the people involved and put procedures in place to make sure it never happens again.'

Rachel Clausen

Rachel Cooper

Rachel Fitzpatrick

'Ethical organisations should not enter into partnerships with corporations that enforce a detention regime that is in violation of international law.'

Rachel Fletcher

Rachel G

'People can only use their power indirectly these days, since direct opposition to detention doesn't work, consumer choice can.'

Rachel Lake

Rachel Lobo

Rachel Noyce

Rachel O'Connor

Rachel Peachey

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Raine James

'Please stop supporting those nasty companies enforcing abuse of refugees on Manus. I will not be visiting or promoting NGV until you cease working with Wilsons security.'

Ralph Kenke

Ramona Angelico

Rani Pramesti

'Please do not support businesses that profit from unlawful and harmful imprisonment of people who need our help the most.'

Raphael Brewster

Rathai Manivannan

Rea Noir

'Human Rights for all.'

Rebecca Andrews

'Wilson Security have demonstrated that they are an unethical company. By contracting them, the NGV is also tainted with this immorality.'

Rebecca Gooch-Andrew

'Anything that is supporting the inhumane practices currently being undertaken on Manus and Naru Islands is worth fighting against. Please reconsider your decision and make a difference to many vulnerable people's lives.'

Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Hyland

Rebecca Moran

Rebecca Omura

Rebecca Saunders

'Against violence'

Rebecca Shanahan

rebekah Barson

Reesa Campbell

Reino Karlberg

Renae Fomiatti

Rene Ribic

'Germany 1930s. Australia 2017. I think you get my drift. No collaboration with concentration camp guards. Do the right thing.'

Renee Cosgrave

Rhea Yileen Phelan

Rhiannon Stevens

Rhonda Leigh Bradmore

Ria Green

Richard Butler Bowdon

Richard Case

Richard Giblett

Richard Watts

Ro Bailey

'I'm shocked at the way the asylum seekers are being treated by Wilson Security.'

Robbie Rowlands

'Rectify this situation.'

Robert Allanadale

Robert Hecimovic

Robert L Schubett

'Self explanatory.'

Robert McDougall

'Wilson Security is bad news.'

Robert O'leary


Robin Herry

Robin Steward

Robyn Cadwallader

Robyn Lewis

Robyn McLennan

'NGV should be a beacon for the morally and ethically conscious. This contract is a dirty little stain on an institution I hold sacred. Do not sully yourselves with the filth of the world- you are better than this. Your artists deserve better, the tortured men women and children of this world deserve better. Please do not support a security company who knowingly employ and support: child sex abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, withholding basic medical care, incarcerating those seeking protection and acting in direct contradiction of the international convention of human rights. NGV we shall forever hold you accountable for the friends you choose. Reputations cannot be undone.'

Rod Hysted

Rod Williams

'Don't spend our money on evildoers.'

Roger Nelson

Rohan Kemp

'Don't profit from human rights abuse.'

Rohan Schwartz

Roisin Lynch

Romi kupfer

Romy Ash

Ronald Arthur Woods

'All businesses associated with the appalling abuse of asylum seekers should be barred from providing services to ANY other organization.'

Rory J Cole

'Profit from other people's misery is deplorable.'

Rosa Barba

Rosalind Berry

'I believe that the offshore immigration detention centres should be closed. Harsh treatment of the asylum seekers happens when the Australian government turns a blind eye and asks only for results rather than demands good treatment of those Australia has detained there.'

Rose Ertler

'The torture and abuse of refugees by employers of Wilsons Security is no secret.
You can surely not turn a blind eye to such atrocities being committed.
It would be in your favour to end all ties with Wilsons Security immediately.
I will no longer visit your gallery (and will encourage others to do the same) until this has happened.'

Rose Nathan

Rose Scott

'Companies like this need to know their is a price for accepting unethical work.'

Rosemary Elliott

'Most folk know Australian immigration policy is barbaric. Do not support the enablers NGV, lest you be seen as one yourself. Get modern.'

Rosemary Forde

'The NGV should not associate with companies that profit from human rights abuses.'

Rosemary Hudson-Miller

Rosi Aryal

Rosie Nathan

Ross Coulter

Rowyn Williams

Rufaro Kanjere

Russell Walsh

'I agree with the views expressed in the letter.'

Ruth Lyon

Ruth Wallace

S. McGrath

Safdar Ahmed

Saj Shah


Sally Fryer

'I do not want a company involved with the 'jailing' of refugees to be working at a public institution involved with the Arts. Unacceptable. One is about promoting love and creativity. The other is about inhibiting freedom.'

Sally Owen

'This is unethical and a very poor indictment of your management's ability to comprehend the high expectations the public expects of your organisation.So the NGV is happy to show an artist like WeiWei as a money spinner but spurn his values.'

Sally Robinson

Sally Vivian

'Wilson Security are not an acceptable company given their actions in relation to people in detention and should not be supported.'

Sally Warmington

'Wilson Security has been associated with human rights violations of people seeking asylum and refugees. They should not be granted contracts - there should be no reward for those profiting from abuse.'

Sam Carson

Sam Cooney

'Unconscionable behaviour by the NGV.'

Sam Keogh

Sam Swift

Samantha Castro

'Because Wilson Security are committing human rights abuse and have been repeatedly revealed by inquiries to have committed sexual assault and child abuse of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. This company is evil and profiteering off the misery of people who came seeking our help.'

Samantha George

Samara Hersch

'It is completely inhumane what we as a country are doing to refugees on Nauru and Manus Island. We must stop ignoring this and start acting as human beings.'

Samuel Murchie

Sandra Shrubb

'I won't support agencies who are abusive to asylum seekers.'

Sandy Morrison

'We achieve change by saying no to wrong behavior. Be a strong leader NGV and declare your commitment to the rights of all humans to fair treatment, protection from harm, and freedom.'

Sanjeewani Pathirage

Sanya Wilson

'The treatment of asylum seekers by Wilson security employees is disgusting and unacceptable, and they need to be held legally accountable for the many lives they have harmed and taken. Asylum seekers are just as deserving of safety and justice as any Australian.'

Sapphira Butler

'There are basic choices we can make to help make the world a better place. This is one of yours.
Say no to supporting this despicable situation.'


Sara Mgaieth

Sarah Argles

Sarah Day

'Doing business with anyone who is profiting from the torture and misery of people is despicable.'

Sarah Halls

'The NGV must not collude in the political persecution and torture and illegal captivity of people seeking asylum in Australia. The NGV needs to advocate for the immediate settlement in Australia of all the asylum seekers held on Manus and Nauru and reject doing business with Wilson security or any other organisation that is involved in human rights crimes! I will be using my publishing site to inform the community of NGV's current engagement of Wilson security that profits from cruelty and human rights crimes.'

Sarah Lorenz

Sarah Louise Carter

Sarah Mathias

Sarah M Johnson

Sarah McConnell

'I believe our cultural institutions need to take a stand against partnerships that play a role in breaching basic human rights. By having this partnership, Wilson Security is buying a public complacency agreement in support of their actions. What they are doing is not ok, and they can't make what they do acceptable with business deals like this one.'

Sarah Pannell

Sarah-Jane Miles

Sarah-Jane Woulahan

Sasha Goss

Sasha Rose

Saskia Doherty

Saskia Schut

'I do not wish to support an organisation that is in affiliation with Wilson Security as this company is involved in fundamentally flawed enterprises.'

Savannah Considine

Sayomi Ariyawansa


Scott Steensma

Sean Dockray

Sean Healy

Sean P Jeffery

Shakira Hussein

Shannen lopez

Shannon Holopainen

'It is inhumane and myopic.'

Shannon Parsons

'Unacceptable business partnership considering the charter of cultural institutes.'

Sharon Chambers

'It is important that Wilson Security knows that Australians will not support them in degrading the Refugees on Manus Island & Nauru. Send them here.'

Sharon Singer

Sheana Lemon

Shelagh Hannan

'Wilson Security profits from human misery.'

Shelley Abrams

Shelley McSpedden

'The treatment of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island is a stain on our nation. As one of Australia's leading cultural organisations, the NGV has the authority and responsibility to signal a powerful refusal to sanction this institutional abuse of vulnerable people by terminating its contract with Wilson Security.'

Sheryl Bryce

Shian Law

'Ethical reasons.'

Shiffi Blustein

Shinen Wong

Shiralee Saul

Shirley Hynes

'Wilson Security is an unethical company that should be sanctioned for their ill treatment of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru.'

Shohre Mansouri

Sian Darling

'I agree with the ask.'

Siew Fang Law

'I do not support NGV as it endorses / supports Wilson, a company that make profit through violent systems and structures that put asylum seekers in unnecessary harms and danger.'

Simon Kahil

'My deep disgust with our treatment of those most in need of help.'

Simon Kenny

Simon Martinus

Simon Massey di Vallazza

Simon Pericich

Simon Setter

'Please we are better than this.'

Simone Ewenson

Siobhan Marriott

Siri Hayes

Sivaan Brook

Sivan Barak

'I can't stand by in silence to human rights abuses.'

Skye Mescall

Skye Ronnenbergh


Sofi Basseghi

Sofie Lemaire

Sonja Hornung

Sonja Hornung

Sophia Cai

Sophia Prestipino

Sophie Black

Sophie Chapman

Sophie Lavence

Sophie Tucker

Sophie Knezic

'Agreement with the contents of the petition.'

Soren Thilo Funder

Spiros Panigirakis

Stacey Nelson

Stacey Taras

Stephanie Atkins

Stephanie Hooke

'The NGV should know better.'

Stephanie Jane Hammett

Stephanie Lockhart

'I do not support the resistance and violent and inhumane acts against refugees trying to flee persecution.'

Stephany Panhuysen


Stephen de Tarczynski

Stephen Palmer

Stephen Tan

'There are plenty of security companies to choose from.'

Stephen Wood

Stephenie Collin

Steven Charles Raine

'People need to be treated like people. These refugees are people just like us.'

Steven Harris

Stewart Cole

'I find this completely abhorrent to support off shore detention , it not a good look for NGV and i certainly won't be going anymore, I'm sure the artists you are exhibiting wouldn't be too pleased to learn of this dirty little secret, get a grip ! its 2017 !'

Stewart Hall

Stina Matilda Evjan


Stuart Cullen

Stuart Ringholt

Sue Fraser

Sue Leigh

'Do not take support from companies profiting from the persecution of refugees.'

Sue McCarthy

'Supporting brutality is not a good look for such a respected organisation. Please disassociate the NGV from Wilson's cruelty.'

Sue Nash

'Wilson are profiting by being a crucial part of the torture on Manus and Nauru.'

Supina Bytol

Surajen Upoal

Susan Ball

Susan Buckley

Susan cowling

Susan Healy

'Need to tell Wilson to get out of Manus.'

Susan Leach

'Wilson Security staff are alleged to have been directly involved in the abuse of refugees.
Additionally, the whole system which they oversee is morally bereft.

Susan Lyons

'I am truly shocked that the NGV would choose to commence a new contract with Wilson Security; the perpetrators of so much misery and deliberate cruelty on Nauru and Manus. Every day I read worsening accounts of refugees having their power and water cut off, and being told to return to their homeland, or relocate to the transit centre. Both options are extremely dangerous for these innocent people. Our heartless nation is breaking my heart, and as an arts educator I am appalled that an arts institution would sink so low as to condone this barbaric cruelty. We expect the arts to be the last bastion of civilisation. When they go, what is left? Please rethink this decision so Wilson security and our government can understand that a civilised society will not tolerate deliberate cruelty to innocent people.'

Susan Margaret McDonal

Susan McLeod

Susan Shaab

'Funds from Arts communities should not be used to employ companies complicit in human rights abuses.'

Susannah Attenborough

'A disgrace why would any company do this!'

Susannah Tipping

'I work with asylum seekers & love the NGV.'

Suse Scholem

'Because the NGV should not support the inhumane treatment advocated by Wilson. And they should represent the arts community with transparency.'

Susie Blatchford

Suvendrini Perera

Suzana Milevska


'I do not support the contact with this company, changing to a security system rather than gallery employees was bad enough. I will not renew my membership if this proceeds.'

Suzanne Connelly

'To do nothing is to condone the violence perpetrated in asylum centres.'

Suzanne Robertson

Suzi Cordell

'Appalling practices from Wilson regarding asylum seekers. Disappointing the NGV either didn't do their homework - or worse - overlooked it.'

Suzon Fuks

'Outraged by the abuses and neglect by Wilson. Really horrible people.'

Suzy Coad

'I love the arts for its ability to challenge the status quo and promote freedom of thought thereby helping to create a more positive society that embraces difference. Hiring Wilson goes directly against this value. They have no regard for humanity. As a regular NGV visitor I am shocked and appalled by your decision. I question your values and hesitate to return to the NGV.'

Swetik Korzeniewski

'The Concentration Camps (Detention Centres) on Nauru and Manus Island are immoral, illegal and a disgrace to Australia's reputation as a fair country. Any company that would participate and profit from them cannot be supported by any arts organization let alone a State Gallery. Art is about freedom not about torture and indefinite detention.'

Sylvana Szydzik

Sylvia Jones

'To employ a company with the history of abuse of power for profit does not show good ethics.'

Sylvia Tai

Tahlia Palmer

Tallace Bissett

'It is shameful to be connected to the ongoing abuses of asylum seekers by our country and Wilson Security.'


Tammy Haider

Tamsin Green

Tania Ryan

'Ethical reasons.'

Tania Shmal

Tanya Lazar de Calero

Tanya McConvell

'To stop rewarding Wilson security.'

Tanya Richmond

Tanya Watts

Tara Daniel

Tara Gilbee

Tara Green

Tara McDowell

Tara Prowse

Tatjana Plitt

Teishan Ahearne

Teresa Ayto

'Wilson Security is complicit in the abuse of refugees on Manus island and in Nauru, physical abuse emotional abuse mental abuse sexual abuse , they have a responsibility to keep these people safe they are failing in that duty, by doing business with Wilson Security the NGV is supporting the abuse of the refugees.'

Terri Bird

Terri Dry

'Human Rights are everybody's right!!!!!'

Terry Frewin

'Why would you want to support this firm?'

Terry McDermott

'To be associated with this company is to be associated with criminals.'

Tess Connard

Tessa Laird

Thanh Tran

The Hacker Club

Thea Jones

Thea lamaro

'This is everybody's business.'

Theresa Mason

'#STOPtheswill of bad & ill!'

Therese Hornby

Thomas Blatchford

Thomas Levick

Thomas Overton-Skinner

Thomas Smith

Tiana Koronui-Collins

Tim Dean

Tim Ewards

'Supporting the cause.'

Tim Helm

Tim Marshall

Tim Panaretos

Tina Goad

Tina Wilkins

Tina Z.

Tizita Horning

Tobias Manderson-Galvin (Theatre MKA)

'Wilson are despicable.'

Tom Cho

Tom Hall

Tom Healey

Tom Nicholson

Tomislav Nikolic

Toni Clayton

Tonianne Delaney

'Because if we don't stand up who will?'

Tori Abernathy

Tori Ferguson

Tracey O'D

Travis Pemberton

Trent Griffiths

'I realise funding in the arts is difficult and there are many pressures at play, but it isn't acceptable to willingly engage a company that profits off exploiting human misery and inhumane practices. As a leading cultural institution in Australia, the NGV needs to show leadership on social and cultural issues.'

Trish Roan

'Wilson Security have blood on their hands, do not endorse them or their involvement in Australia's violent border regime. The NGV has a significant voice and cultural position, the ability to make an impact and the responsibility that comes with it. Please commit to upholding values for human rights and a more just vision for society.'


Tully Moore

Valerie Kennedy

Valerie Poole

'Will be no part of imprisonment of people with refugee status and the gallery should not be either...'

Van Sowerwine


Vanessa Chapple

Vanessa Jane Pearson

Vanessa Macedo

Vanessa Muradian

Varley Gill

'I'm absolutely disgusted by this, one of your lead exhibits was Ai Wei Wei who advocates for people seeking asylum, refugees & displaced people yet you dance w the devil who is responsible for so many atrocities.'

Varun Simons

Vasiliki Erophile

Verona Beasley

'Please don't do business with companies that profit from human rights abuse. Your reputation does not deserve to be tainted by this association.'

Veronica Caven Aldous

Vicki Barker

Vicki Bosworth

Vicki lethbridge

Vicki McConville

Vicki Ross

Victoria Rowland

'Moral accountability is the new bottom line. Being a business, corporation or someone working for them does not abdicate one's bloody hands if they directly or indirectly support human or animal abuse on any level. NGV will have blood on it's hands as a result of such a partnership.'

Vivien Pellis

Wanda Keightley

'The detention of people seeking asylum is inhumane and illegal.'

Warren Armstrong

Wendy Bowers-Martin

'No tolerance for violence or funding the abuse of fellow human beings.'

Wendy Hayes

'NGV should not employ Wilson Security because of its role, with Australian Federal Government, in keeping of refugees in inhumane detention on Manus and Nauru.'


Will Cox

Will Foster

Will Mooney

William Goodbourn

'Please do not give money to Wilson Security. Please do not help normalise refugee detention, cruelty and death. Do not assist with a) the money required to perpetrate more cruelty, and b) the normalization required to do this, and worse, all over again. Please.'

William Kelly

'Should we be entrusting this company to protect a major component of our cultural heritage when their recent past actions seem to call into question issues both ethical and cultural?'

William McBride

Willoh S.Weiland

'It's the 21st Century. Human rights should be everyone's priority.'

Wilma Davidson

Winter Galbraith

Xanthea O'Connor

Ying-Lan Dann

'If we don't stand up for societies' most marginalised, we become complicit. The NGV's decision to engage the services of Wilson Security, make them complicit in compounding the tragic and desperate circumstances facing refugees. Wilson's engagement - presumably through winning tender $$$ - plus Tony Ellwood's supposed annual remuneration of $475,000 compounds a widely held perception that the NGV and its director are greedy and entirely out of touch with this society and our fellow citizens.'

Yolande Pickett

Yvonne Olsen

'Anyone involved in the persecution of refugees must be held accountable.'

Zac Walton

Zachary Pidd

Zanny Begg

Zhen Arai

Zio Ledeux

'This is shocking that the gallery is seeking sponsorship from a company that supports the misery of others.'


Zoe Arnott

Zoe Brittain

Zoe Fehlberg

Zoe Jackson

Zoe Mithen

Zoe Scoglio