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Artists’ Committee is calling artists to develop inventive, considered and gutsy interventions within our public art institution. We are seeking proposals that use or respond to NGV artworks, exhibitions or histories to draw attention to the Gallery’s current contract with Wilson Security.

Earlier this month, the Artists’ Committee shrouded Picasso’s Weeping Woman to highlight the cover up of abuse against refugees and asylum seekers by Wilson Security. The act referred to the history of covering up Guernica (from which the Weeping Woman image originated), to the painting's history of being used for artists' demands, and to the act of covering monuments to remember the past differently in relation to the present.

We think there is more potential for meaningful connections between the collection and the ethical demands we are making of the NGV.

How to get involved:

  1. Select an artwork currently on display or in the NGV collection.

  2. Submit a short proposal below outlining your conceptual response to the artwork by November 1 2017.

  3. You and/or the Artists’ Committee carry out your idea. It can be done entirely by the Artists’ Committee, entirely by you, or as a collaboration - you choose.

The action can take any form - a performative intervention, a sculptural disruption, a musical interruption... We are ready to hear your ideas.

We ask that actions do not target individuals—employees or visitors—at the NGV, and remain safe and non-violent, of course.

As we are a self-funded, but highly skilled volunteer collective, the Artists’ Committee cannot offer a fee for your proposal, however, we will endeavour to resource selected ideas with materials and personnel.

Please note that this call for proposals is not sanctioned by the National Gallery of Victoria.

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Name of artist or group
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